Issue №1 (1), 2018.

Pedagogy and psychology

Manyushis A. Y.Moscow International University: the first independent university in the modern history of Russia.
Displays: 1112; Downloads: 136;
Strizhakova O. ., Orlov V. .Physical culture - a new view on education and formation.
Displays: 349; Downloads: 97;
Nagaeva I. A.The use of m-learning technology in the educational process
Displays: 369; Downloads: 161;
Keldish N. V.Providing a given level of security when solving the functional problems of electronic document turnover in the educational process of higher education
Displays: 432; Downloads: 160;
Chagan N. G.99/5000 Konvergentnyye protsessy – magistral' optimizatsii sovremennoy sistemy obrazovaniya v masshtabakh peremen Convergent processes - the main line of optimization of the modern education system on a scale of change
Displays: 326; Downloads: 120;

Economics and Management

Buchnev A. .New economical sectors engaged with renewable energetics.
Displays: 477; Downloads: 103;
Melnichenko N. ., Zholudeva V. .Quality of work life as a factor of social and economic development
Displays: 377; Downloads: 103;
Selezneva L. ., Nevirivich V. ., Marsov D. .Ergonims as an element of mythologization in PR-discours
Displays: 713; Downloads: 93;
Anfimova A. Y.Improvement of mechanisms of prevention of occurrence of fires on large objects of the consumer market
Displays: 319; Downloads: 111;
Burenin V. A.Features of the business model of a modern company producing innovative products.
Displays: 313; Downloads: 98;
Kozhina V. ., Lebedev K. ., Lebedeva O. ., Markova O. .Perfection of management by strategic prospects at enterprises
Displays: 340; Downloads: 90;
Valyavsky A. ., Uchevatkina N. .The role of intellectual property in the innovation process
Displays: 401; Downloads: 134;
Martirosian R. M.The importance of Russian endowment funds in activities nonprofit organization
Displays: 322; Downloads: 94;