Martirosian R. “The importance of Russian endowment funds in activities nonprofit organization”, Вестник. №1 (1), 2018

№1 (1), 2018

Economics and Management


The importance of Russian endowment funds in activities nonprofit organization

Ruzanna M
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, [email protected]
Key words:
endowment, fund, target capital, financing, stakeholders, culture, education, income, benefactors, donations, management company, nonprofit organization
Summary: The article reveals the meaning of endowment funds in the activities of non-profit organizations. Two models of endowment funds are considered: "internal" -in which a non-profit organization is both the owner of the endowment capital and the exclusive recipient of income from its use and "external" - in which a separate legal entity is created - a specialized organization for managing the endowment in the form of a Fund.
Is received: 16 october 2018 year
Is passed for the press: 16 october 2018 year


1. O poryadke formirovaniya i ispolzovaniya tselevogo kapitala nekommertcheskikh organizatsij: Federalnyj zakon № 275-FZ ot 30. 12. 2006 // SPS «KonsultantPlyus» -


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